Friday, January 07, 2005

from hair to eternity

ten reasons why women have long hair.

1. to keep neck warm in cold weather or air-conditioned room.
2. to play with, or chew on, when bored/stressed, eg. meetings, exams, dates.
3. to hide behind on bad skin days or in general low self-esteem. (see sadako.)
4. to hang self with, if rope is unavailable.
5. to display headbanging skills at rock concerts.
6. to land a contract in pantene/rejoice/loreal shampoo advertisement.
7. to get out of hairy situations, such as entrapment in tall tower. (see rapunzel.)
8. to flick when attractive man walks past, so pheromones (or natural lurve chemicals) are emitted.
9. to use as tool for foreplay, eg. tickling.
10. to defend self from pervs by whipping their sleazoid faces with ponytail.

it's time for a trip to the hairdresser.

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