Thursday, July 07, 2005

see as i

no more space left on the other blog. heh. so we're back here for the time being.

so if you didn't ask for access to that blog (tsk tsk), you'd have missed out photos of our lombok trip, kl trip... and er, a few other... stuff.

now, the question that i have been pondering endlessly on...

why do CSIs work in the dark?? can't they just switch on the lights at the crime scenes? wouldn't it be so much easier to find things? instead they use these tiny torchlights and yet they still manage to pick off tiny hairs and shards of glass in cracks in the walls and dank corners. pfft.

but i love 'em so, them CSIs. and i have learnt that i can use crushed mechanical pencil lead and a thick blusher brush to dust off thumbprints! hurrah! i have yet to try it out though. haven't found a crime scene yet. unless i count that time my kitchen was raided and oil splatters were found everywhere and dead bodies scattered the floor. but i don't think dead ant bodies count, and the only person who ever uses the damn kitchen is the husband.

on another topic, i love london! i am, after all, a self-proclaimed anglophile (unfortunately i didn't manage to marry an englishman). them winning the olympic bid was quite a logical decision. i mean, even the beckhams came down you know. that had to do the trick.

and so, my resolution: a fourth trip to the city before 2012, to once again trample the quaint dusty pavements, to rattle about in the rickety underground tube, to feel the fluttery feathers of the probably-disease-bearing pigeons at trafalgar, to squander away pounds and pennies at camden.

*breaks piggy bank*

ok bimbo alert - are they using euros now?

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