Tuesday, January 11, 2005


babycolt is sick and in need of some surgical care.

and for a week or so, for 40bux a day, we are foster parents to a babynissanmarch. not so baby, as she is five years old. a toddler, you can say. and toddle she does, in all her 1000cc glory, that all the cars behind kept honking at her and overtaking her. car-ism, i told izad, that's what it is. (you know, like racism and elitism, but with cars. duh.)

i just kept gunning her accelerator for what its worth. which is not much, coz she threatens to get asthmatic or an epileptic fit at 80km/h.

but it's ok. horn all you want, you bastards. i'll damn well take my time.

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