Monday, July 18, 2005


so her husband's directions were: "turn in the first punggol exit, turn right, then turn right again". and so i drove last night with her beside me clutching our melting ben & jerry's (two pints!) and delifrance sandwiches, squinting her eyes trying to find a semblance of her new, indistinguishable flat in the midst of punggol land. what her husband missed out was that the second "turn right" direction led us right back to the TPE. great.

u-turn and take two! with a sense of deja vu coupled with groundhog day, we took a left at the punggol exit instead, and then seeing compassvale, anchorvale, etceteravale, we were decidedly... lost. taking u-turns after u-turns and ending up in sengkang, we decided to consult the greatest oracle of all - the singapore street directory. duh, should have done that first rather than rely on a man's directions.

with my, ahem, keen sense of direction (and increasing hunger), we finally found punggol fields and ta-da, edgefield plains! only an hour after we set on the journey. so cle-ver.

and so we happily had our dinner in her spanking new house, complete with tikar mengkuang and cushions for our butts, finally eating and watching, ironically enough, 'Lost'.

speaking of which, i'm getting quite tired of the characters' flashbacks and their attempts at finding signals on a fake-looking radio thingy and their supposed conflicts with one another. just tell us what that invisible scary creature in the jungle is already! sheesh.

and another show i have lost patience with is 'the O.C'. the characters are, erm, to put it nicely, incredibly insipid. penat aku tengok. dia suka dia, dia gadoh dengan dia, dia cium dia, dia merajok dengan dia, dan sebagainya drama anak-anak bukan metropolitan ini. aku tidor lagi baik.

i'll stick to CSI, thank you.

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