Thursday, October 19, 2006

grumblings of a spurned web host client

looks like the new fella who owns the blahdy web hosting company we were parked at has gone MIA. i reckon he's either knocked down by a truck or struck by lightning and lying in hospital in a coma. well, i'm imagining the worst. coz we have NO IDEA WHO/WHERE/WHAT HE IS!! curses and damnation. the fella we used to liaise with no longer owns the thing, and now we're stuck with archives only up to april, which means five months of lost data.

five months of not backing up. REEEAAALLLY smart, us.



but if we ever hear from him (supposedly out of his coma)....

ok, i don't know what kind of threats to hurl at a techie geek (also supposing he is one).

any other techie geeks out there know how we can bypass him to retrieve our data from the main server??

we'll also need to buy a new domain since it's expired. oi, please don't go and buy up ok. unless you are a married couple by the names of izad and hana. if you are, that'd be freaky.

ok! on to other aimless ramblings. (somehow blogspot makes you ramble aimlessly, don't it?)

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