Sunday, June 20, 2004

the simple life

it has come to my attention that this blog has been featuring, ahem, "HC places", and everyone has been seemingly over-indulging in, ahem, "good food". discount the fact that:
- hara tim sum is not what you would call swanky
- we munch on mcdonald's burgers like every other normal people
- we travel all the way to boon keng hawker center for sup kambing
- we brave the sweaty desker road for naan
- that 50-cent cheaper nasi lemak stall is very much our preferred choice
- etc.

so i've proposed a bit of roadside dining with the other tai-tais, and they were up for it. a bit of squatting, with a bowl of white rice, and a glass of tap water, perhaps. oh and some flies from the nearby dustbin would set the mood right too. splendid. *smacks lips*

hey if paris hilton can live it down, so can we. LOL!

meanwhile, a quiet father's day was spent at neither a "HC" nor "LC" eatery. did i mention fish head curry? ah, yes.

it was either apollo or muthu's curry. they're along the same road, so we tried the latter, coz erm, it just looked more intriguing.

cozy ambience, and oh, the heady waft of spices in the air. we went round the place like typical singaporean tourists in india, ooh-ing and aah-ing, taking photos with the dazed chefs, for heaven's sake. and we eyed like starved tabby cats at those fat prawns.

the curry, according to izad, was not "pedas" enough, but very tasty nonetheless. service was good too. case in point, the waiter kept asking if we (or i) wanted anything else. and when we said we wanted "to pay", he brought us "toothpicks" instead. hehe.

i was curious when the boys ended their meal by folding their banana leaves like it was the most natural thing to do. abah confirmed that this was indeed a cultural norm for the indians. this coming from a javanese man. :)

after conferring where to head to next, the boys settled for tahui at selegie. i know! don't we ever get enough of beancurd?? this time i admit, the *hot* tahui is truly delish, coz it's super fresh from the... beancurd-making thingy. looking at the queue, you KNOW we're not the only tahui-crazed fans in singapore.

and guess what, you foodies, right smack beside this tahui stall is a bunz shop! how clever.

we almost sat in the dark back alley of the tahui stall. very LC, you know. but we were upgraded to the back of the shop upon vacancy. awww. hur hur.

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