Monday, January 17, 2005

desperate housewives

two 'housewives' were left to their own devices when their husbands became couch potatoes on saturday night. so what better food to serve them than baked potatoes?

finally, hana discovers she could prepare a dish by herself. well, technically, rini scrubbed and poked the potatoes, and izad pressed the buttons on the oven and checked to see if they were cooked.

BUT, hana arranged the potatoes nicely in the oven! truly!

not to mention, erm, she opened the cans of tuna mayo, and arranged the plates, utensils, etc.

what to do with leftover potato? why, make potato salad of course. oh, that's rini's hands, by the way. but really, hana washed the lettuce leaves and, um, suggested putting in the potato bits.

mmm. carbs.

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