Monday, August 01, 2005

lizards convention

we happened to be in a DIY shop and saw a lizard trap for sale, so we bought one.

it's very sticky, according to mr hana, who was appointed the lizard trapper-cum-disposer of the house.

we have placed them against the window grills, again according to mr hana's report. i was of course many feet away from him, as i believed the lizards were ready to pounce on him, having sniffed the lizard bait in his hand.

this morning's check produced no trapped lizzies as yet. maybe they were waiting for us to leave the house before they start roaming around and crapping on the floor.

mum asked how other lizards will know not to come back to the house, since the victims would be dead and wouldn't be able to warn them. i said, well, they will know something's not right when their family members don't come back to them mahhh.

the other day mr hana managed to grab a tail of a wayward lizard. it wiggled away, but he felt it was a good warning to the now-tail-challenged lizard, and spread the word to the underground lizard community to beware of him.

ceh dey. my hero, ok.

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