Thursday, October 19, 2006


so did you read BH yesterday? with hmm, six more days to raya, they finally came up with a throwaway article about b/feeding during puasa. about keeping at it, not giving up, etc.

and the best advice they could dish out?

"drink lots of water".

like, WOAAAHHH. what earthshattering, groundbreaking, gasp-inducing advice indeed. gee why didn't i think of thaaat. (can you see my eyes rolling?)

ok. enough cynicism.

on a more positive note, the bf thing throughout the fasting month has gone better than we expected. i probably used up all of, er, four? five? bags of my frozen stash so far. i'll have to get around to dumping out all the leftover july ones. i'll stroke them lovingly first, of course.

right. moving on.

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