Thursday, October 26, 2006

three in 06

our first raya as a complete family. well, as complete as a family goes, for now - father, mother, child. :)

oh my, the lil one had the time of his life (which is not a stretch, seeing he's only chalked up ten months of life) during the festivities! he thrives in the company of people, and there were many who were happy to take him off our hands everywhere we went. to that, i say a resounding "PHEW". hehe.

it's a little easier now that he's able to toddle by himself. when i feel like he's sliding down, i can just set him on his feet and let him roam for a while while i regain MY balance. and it IS a balancing act, with the raya essentials of heels, hair, handbag, figure-hugging baju (har har), and now, plus a diaper bag and wriggly baby.

since he loves being out and seeing new places and meeting people, raya is needless to say, Very Fun for him.

not too sure if the harried (and ultimately BROKE - is it our imagination or has there been a sharp rise in the number of babies this year??) parents feel the same, though.

but! i know i look forward to seeing my luvlies soon.... on ah, girls? ;)

and ouh, by the way, our new site will be up soon, sans the archives, likely. haiyah, chin chai lah, cannot tahan blogger liao. must evacuate. and no, it won't be on .com. kena bought up liao! kana sai. we'll be on .org.

really... soon... zzzz.

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