Tuesday, June 22, 2004

bows and arrows

i don't know how the confusion began, it's a pretty easy concept, really. MOVEABLETYPE DOWN (*makes thumb sign downwards*), BLOGSPOT UP (*makes thumb sign upwards*). it's there in my second ever entry here.

hmm, must put up less photos, coz i suspect i'm making people plain lazy to actually READ my explanations. here i am, pondering over my choice of words and twist in sentences, but the efforts are, *sob*, sadly futile. or heck, maybe i should just put up nothing BUT photos, to save me the trouble of exercising my brains. i'll just store away my love for the written word in a dusty corner, to be used nevermore. sigh.

ok, dramas aside.

so anyway, i thought, let's confuse you guys even more by adding an entry here that's NOT in blog.izadnhana.com. (plus, since i write like crap here anyway, i think blogspot shalt now be my crapspot.)

now, someone suggested putting up a Singles Gallery on our blog, you know, play cupid and all. i mean, friendster and all those testimonials aren't exactly helpful, are they? and what better way to 'sell' someone than by word-of-mouth through a VE-RY reliable third party? (ie. yours truly, heh.)

i've even acquired one brave taker for a spot in the Gallery. a very promising young thang. but hey, i will need at least a bunch of you Singles out there to get this rolling, right?

so, don't shy-shy, all you beautiful single people. email hana if you're game. hur hur.

ps: btw, if there is no Singles Gallery by the end of the month, it means no one actually READ this entry, so no one actually sent their pics, and thus, i've proven my point that people are plain lazy readers. pbfft! :p

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