Tuesday, August 23, 2005

feed me, seymore!

he loves to eat. i'm not kidding ok. he cannot resist the sight of food. any food. just hold a plate or bowl, and he will come a-crawling like a moth to a flame, like an ant to a sugarcube, like a bee to honey, like a cicak to a fly... you get the picture.

and when we want to keep him still for a few minutes (an insurmountable task otherwise, given his penchance for climbing furniture and our bodies these days), we give him a teething biscuit to munch on and he will be vair, vair happy.

i've tasted the biscuits, because he likes to shove it in my mouth occasionally when he's feeling generous. horribly tasteless stuff. doesn't help that it's soaked in his saliva. but he likes it.

he's fed morsels from our own meals these days. individual grains of rice, tiny pieces of white bread, and today i heard, cornflakes. and you know what else he loves to do? when i ask him "where's your gigi?" he'll promptly GRIND GRIND GRIND his four front teeth together. i suspect he likes seeing me cringe at the sound, it's as bad as fingernails scratched along a blackboard. gah!

bottomline is, this little shop of horrors likes food.

just like his unkle ijad.

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