Sunday, October 09, 2005

mama roach

ok, i just freaked out and went into a king-sized battle with a king-sized roach in this very computer room.

it came out of nowhere, the damn &$*^ing bugger.

i screamed bloody murder and ran to get the shieldtox. i screamed some more while i sprayed at it non-stop. i screamed to high heavens when it scuttled helter-skelter towards me and zigzagged around the room, trailing a liquid line of shieldtox behind it. i screamed when it tried to climb up the walls unsuccessfully and fell on its back. i screamed when its wiry legs scrambled in the air and threatened to turn back again. i screamed when i ripped a paper towel and gingerly threw it on top of the still-struggling pest (coz i feel better if i don't see it, you see).

i believe i screamed it to death.

and my shieldtox is half empty.

all this drama had to happen when i'm alone in the house at night. gah.

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