Friday, September 23, 2005


he shoved two recipe books under my nose and told me to pick something i felt like eating.

okaaay. so picked i did: chicken kiev. the picture looked nice enough.

he asked, "you sure or nottttt you will eat? wait i make, you say not nice."

in truth... he didn't get the instructions; it involved toothpicks. heh.

a few other half-hearted suggestions later (which got shot down by him anyway), he made his OWN decision. pfft.

but not before we discussed on the cost- and time-effectiveness of making it himself versus buying it straight from a makcik from a food stall.

again, he made his OWN decision, and to sheng shiong we went...

what did he end up making?

play cheat!

tipah tertipu!

potong-potong, rebus-rebus, kopek-kopek, goreng-goreng only!

but don't want to gadoh-gadoh with you lah. coz it was tasty. and nutritious. and filling.

now... where's my chicken kiev?

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