Friday, October 27, 2006


i wish i had a skill.

you know, the kind that allows you to quit your boring ol' day-job. the kind that pays the bills, and a bit more. the kind that makes people go "WOW! i wish *i* could do that!". the kind that squeezes the creative juices out of you.

the kind that you actually LOVE doing. so much that you won't call it "work".

i don't have any, clearly.

nope, no sellable, marketable, bankable skill or talent to speak of.

just a little piece of paper with my name, a chop and a signature. how long before that too yellows, dog-ears and disintegrates, i wonder, this paper that validates my so-called ability to earn a meagre bit more from pencil-pushing drudgery.

any suggestions what i can do for more moolah with oomph? surely there's something - anything - i can be good at!

and please ah, don't tell me to stand at a geylang lorong. ah pek look at me also don't want to bargain ok.


ok. going back now. from... work.

ps: as you can tell, i'm suffering from post-holiday blues.

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