Wednesday, June 23, 2004

a sorta fairytale with you

fairy tale, you say? :)


meet Cinderella.

she'd recently bought a toilet floor brush and proceeded to attack her two bathrooms with zest, armed with a cleaning potion with a curious name, Jif. but alas, she has been cursed by a wicked witch of the East. upon being reduced to a chambermaid, she transforms into Grumpy the dwarf. (dwarfess? dwarfette?)

while she scrubs the tiles of the plaster-strewn chambers, she would turn up the hi-fi volume to her favourite cd, only to have it changed to another cd by her partner, prince charming. her grumpy doppelganger emerges from the depths of her gentle soul, hurling abuse at the hapless prince charming, who then slinks off to slouch at the sofa, getting himself transfixed to an evil electronic appliance exhibiting men in shorts kicking about on a muddy pitch. he would occasionally move about the living room with a mop, his eyes glued to the screen, bewitched.

Grumpy continues to nag... grumpily, as she steadfastly continues her laborious household tasks, her back bending, squatting to reach every stained and marred corner. the blister on her right index finger threatens to be permanently tattooed on, a red reminder of her destiny as a chambermaid forevermore.

she chides and barks orders at the prince charming who, in his trance-like, zombified mode, lost all his charming qualities.

when he breaks his gaze away from the mind-numbing screen action, Grumpy takes the opportunity to bemoan the fact that sweeping is a ridiculous waste of time, and makes her otherwise-dormant sweat glands hyperactive. seeing her sweat like a pig on a spitfire, prince c. suggests that Grumpy remove her clothings, just as he and his neanderthal-like brethren normally do while mopping/vacuuming/etc. she was appalled, and grumpily points out that the windows are all bare, with not a single thread of curtain hanging upon the sills. she too brings to his attention that passers-by exiting the lifts yonder are greeted by a grand view of the masterbedroom through the naked window.

he would merely snicker at her sound logic, and scuttle off to continue watching the men in shorts.

the end.

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