Tuesday, August 24, 2004

mama mia

a leisurely stroll along the frozen goods aisle at carrefour brought about a sudden burst of inspiration. "pizza!"

"let's see," he muses, "pizza dough... mozzarella cheese... capsicum... minced meat... let's do it!" (make pizza, that is. what were you guys thinking?)

of course, we then contemplated a fuss-free dining at the nearest pizza hut. "for $25, we get a meal for two, we get served, and we don't have to wash dirty dishes. hmm."

but steel determination set in.

and the satisfaction he gets from creating a smiley face on his pizza, not to mention, loading it with toppings full to the brim.

we don't even have proper baking trays. and we don't really know how to use the microwave-cum-convectional oven. he presses the "cookies" setting, rationalising that cookies, like pizzas, should have a similar baking temperature. erm. ok.

but it turned out alright after all.

after attacking three of these makeshift pizzas, we were ready to give up.

mozzarella hangover!

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