Thursday, August 19, 2004

wares for the house

i went *slightly* crazy last evening.

how could you not hyperventilate even slightly from just looking at the endless horizon of neatly-categorised goods with the word SALE dangling majestically on every bin of items?

yes (cue drumrolls).... it was the john little warehouse sale at the expo.

i scuttled to and fro, flitting from bin to bin, mouth slightly agape.

i SO wanted to make a beeline to the shoes and bags section, but my homely instincts kicked in, and the bed & linen and homeware section pulled me like a magnetic force. in my head i was already picturing the pretty bedsheets in the room, the matching placemats on the table, the fluffy towels on my, er, guests.

it says something about us, huh, when we no longer think of adorning our bodies (as much) but rather our house. izad was eyeing more knives (psycho *rolls eyes*) and water jugs.
and ouhhhhh we gasped when we saw these funky plates and cups selling for $10 for any TWELVE (count it) TWELVE pieces! so a nice set of six costs us... twenty buckeroos baybeh. plus, it's one of my favourite brands, 'multiple choice'.

ouh. that's my fascination with fleece. baaa.

eh, but it says "polar fleece". urm, so this isn't from a sheep but an alaskan bear? growwwwl.

on to our next mission. carpets, darling!

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