Wednesday, July 07, 2004

girl talk

the SIL will be going for the big scan tomorrow at GH. to find out the gender of their firstborn.

mum goes, "i agak girl."
dad goes, "i nak girl!"

woah. do you want fries with that, sir? heh. so excited they are.

i have a feeling it'll be a girl too. she's been craving and eating sweet things, and gaining very noticeable, erm, flesh around the hips... and everywhere else. she said her acne's getting worse too. hmm. i notice that mothers-to-be's complexion tend to glow and clear up if the baby's a boy, but not so if it's a girl. something about the mother passing down her beauty (her mojo??) to her daughter. if that's the case... i'm gonna want boys, please. so i can retain whatever... mojo i have in the first place. (ouh, i hope i won't pass down my selfish trait either, hehe.)

speaking of which, the thing i like about being sick, other than getting to SLEEP a whole lot, is that my complexion behaves very well (probably due to that whole lotta SLEEP). i think the antibodies are too busy fighting off evil viruses invading my body, that they forget their trivial everyday tasks of annoying me, like secreting excess oil, playing peek-a-boo with zits, etc.

ok, back to my SIL. she was involved in an accident a few weeks back actually, while she was driving. she came out alright, but the poor baby vios (which came a month later than baby colt) got it bad, and it's been in the workshop for a while. they suspect an insurance scam. details are sketchy, so don't ask me.

what i do wanna know is... will it be a new niece or nephew for aunty hana? taking bets here in M&Ms currency. any takers? ;)

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