Saturday, June 26, 2004

F.A.Q version 1.0

we have the answers to your burning questions. ho hum.


Q) eh, which blog should i go to now? or

A) if doesn't work (refer to 'Status' on top right hand corner) and you are itching from curiosity to find out the latest happenings of izad and hana, then go to if your memory capacity does not enable you to remember this very mind-boggling blogspot URL (ie. or if you do not grasp the concept of "bookmarking", you may refer to and click on "Izadhana Poor" under the links section. it is optional to thank the owner via her tagboard for providing this convenience to you. however, if both blogs are working, continue visiting as it is a paid site and should therefore be fully utilised.

Q) which one should i link?

A) either, neither, both. really. we're not fussy.

Q) but why is your moveabletype always down?

A) the problem, we repeat, has NOTHING to do with moveabletype, as this is merely a weblog publishing software. the problem lies with the frequent virus attacks on the crappy host server, which izad has chosen due to its low fee of $4.166 per month. the purpose of this server is to upload the moveabletype blog and our tons of photos for your viewing pleasure, the personalised domain name, as well as other useful features. these require a sizeable amount of space, bandwidth, etc. but let's not go into details.

Q) then why don't you stick to blogger since it's FREE? and not to forget, rare downtimes.

A) because we like our domain name and our moveabletype very much. boo hoo. but also because with moveabletype, you can interact more effectively with the 'Recent Comments' feature not found in blogger. you can find pertinent information in the archive section with moveabletype's 'Search' function also not found in blogger. furthermore, treasured milestones in izadnhana's life are contained in our moveabletype archive. moving to blogger would mean... starting without history. bleagh.


Q) hana, why do you eat and eat but you don't grow fat?

A) skipping meals, especially during breakfast AND lunchtime at work, is a bad habit for hana. seriously. the pictures of her eating are only a facade, as she enjoys socialising over food more than the actual act of eating itself. furthermore, as hinted at in her previous post on fashion tips to looking decevingly not fat, hana *does* possess tummy bumps, flabs and cellulite due to a non-existent exercise regime, but which she carefully conceals. however, her 1.52m, 43kg frame is STRICTLY HEREDITARY. so please forgive her, blame her mother, or refer to a DNA specialist for further enlightenment.

Q) so when are you moving house?

A) the house still needs some work, and we won't move till we're fully satisfied and ready to do so. we do not have any offical date in mind, but when we do, would you help us with the packing and moving? no? we guessed not. so meanwhile, we'll take our own sweet time and get back to you on that. our babycolt has been carting our belongings bit by bit to and fro, as we are too lazy to pack/unpack everything in one go (and too cheapskate to hire a professional mover). mummy and daddy aren't hustling us out anyway. in fact, i think they secretly want us to be around their house forever.

Q) are you pregnant? / when are you getting pregnant? / when will you start having babies? / quick make babies! etc.

A) and you thought the gahmen was the busybody one, forcing people to go forth and procreate like rabbits. turns out, bloggers too have been brainwashed by the gahmen. newsflash: babymaking is a private issue. raising babies require a couple to be prepared not only financially, but also emotionally, spiritually, and physically. that's a LOT of preparation, eh? besides, we're not THAT bored of each other yet.

Q) where is hara tim sum?

A) hara hong kong tim sum is located along upper bukit timah, amongst the stretch of food stalls including al-ameen, opposite beauty world, near ngee ann polytechnic.

hmm. why do i get the feeling we're going to get asked the same questions again....?

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