Friday, July 02, 2004

tangled web

i. am. so. in. love.

no, not with my zara purchase. (though that black pants *do* make me FEEL skinny. but that's just probably coz i hadn't eaten the whole day.)

i am in love with a man in tights. red, blue and black. he sports a lean, agile body, not too bulky or muscular, no no. he casts sticky webs from his wrists, and whooshes through the air from skyscraper to skyscraper. his eyes are like a swirling river. his juicy puckers make me melt. and oh, that chin! the chin i wanna bite into.

and so i left the cinema all fuzzy and smiley, like a schoolgirl with a secret crush. well, not so secret, really, coz i kept gushing at the husband on how i love spidey/peter/tobey so. i pleaded to dye my hair red so i'd have a better chance of being the love of spidey/peter/tobey's life. then i went sigh sigh sigh throughout the ride home.


back in reality land, i'd been on a thong spree. no, not of the g-string variety. i've too many of those already. (but hey, one can't have too many of that, right? right.)

now tell me, how could i resist the bubblegum pinkness of this?

and while i was in the excruciatingly l o n g queue, i realised that TOPMAN unscrambled is TAMPON. a bored mind can do amazing things.

while i was poking through every rack at a certain retail outlet that starts with Z (Zango? Zopshop?), izad kept himself busy enriching himself at the nearby library. such a studious nature he develops in times of sales.

but he received his reward at the end of the day (after having witnessed his wife first squandering away her dollars and sense, and later declaring her love for another man).

he discovered durians in the kitchen, courtesy of his parents-in-law, who perhaps had an inkling of the torture their daughter had put him through the day. hee.

as i didn't indulge in the king of fruits here, it was back to mooning over my man in tights (which he claims is a little itchy and rides up his crotch).


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