Sunday, June 27, 2004


our "LC" hawker fare at east coast food village on a packed friday night. the girls as usual couldn't decide what to eat despite their famished states. so satay it was.

but oops, we couldn't stay away from our "HC" calling. the gelare waffles tempted us like a devil at hell's gate. but it WAS the smallest size there was, and us three girls shared. *pouts* the three boys merely looked on without so much as batting an eyelid.
ooh, did i say three boys? coz yes, we each had a partner that night. *winks at ayu* we must teach her how to drive baby kel all the way to changi village next.... and say, will there be a in the making? stay tuned to find out. hur hur.

we never got round to enrolling ourselves in Vainpots Anonymous. bleagh. :p
the very next afternoon, the vain trio had a mission to accomplish. we came, we saw, we conquered... arab street. (what did you think, the Mango sale?) and silly us entered the battlefield without sustenance beforehand. oh, the damage. reminder: girls on totally empty, growling stomachs on a shopping quest = BAD.
we were supposed to find comely material for our bridesmaid 'uniform'. did i hear kendarats? hmph! oh, and we're still contemplating on whether we should upstage the bride. heh.

unfortunately, *someone* got us all sidetracked into looking at other materials. and we each ended up purchasing material totally unrelated to the bridesmaid's dress. yikes. there is certainly damage to be had when hungry girls go hunting at a stretch of road lined with kains galore. FOCUS, girls, FOCUS!

no, she didn't end up getting this. and no, we didn't end up getting the one below either. coz the bridesmaidzillas had an "LC" budget. :(

the final outcome? gotta wait till august 04. ouh, the suspense.

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