Tuesday, July 06, 2004

memo from an ex-bride

dear bride-to-be,

you may think that finding the perfect white shoes for that wedding dress is of ultimate, absolute, paramount, supreme importance. darling, think again. because this once-in-a-lifetime purchase will *really* be used only once-in-a-lifetime, afterwhich it will be tucked away guiltily in the shoe closet together with those mothballs.

did anyone remember if i was even wearing shoes on my wedding? noooo. did anyone take pictures of my feet during the wedding? noooo. did i instantly become extra gorgeous upon slipping into the shoes? er, noooooo.

so, my dear bride-to-be, do take advantage of your wastrel friends who have gone through the crazed-bride phase (and who are of the same shoe size as you).

heel me

*smiles beatifically at bride-to-be*

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