Monday, July 05, 2004


gawd. do i have to show my soiled whispers with wings everytime i'm sick? really! *exasperated roll of eyes*

once again, to ward off evil sniggers and insinuations that i'm preggers, i'm compelled to explain that i'm on mc AGAIN due to totally baby-unrelated illnesses.

for two nights, not only have i been coughing and hacking away like an old hag with a fag, my eyes have been watery and emitting yucky yellowish liquid when i sleep. so when i wake up, my eyes are swollen and lovely, thank you very much. now the whites have turned red. oh-so-very sexy, in a vampirish sort of way. my wondrous theory is that the throat and the eyes are interrelated.

so the doc gave me MORE of those antibiotics (curses! curses!), plus a load of other disgusting cocktail of cough syrups, pills, etc.

ungh. and NO pukings nor cravings were involved, ay, so lay off, busybods. ROWRRR. *claws out*

ok. i feel a comatose moment coming up soooonnnn. goourhdnigthhet.btyeye byeey.. czxzzz.

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