Sunday, August 08, 2004

chicks on a hen nite

a hen party took place on friday night with the 77 clan.

the bride-to-be took centrestage. and it was mad...

the self-appointed mother hen (ie. hana) had to take care of the chicks. twas a great responsibility, as one chick almost strayed and fell prey to a guitarist in a band. and later almost got manhandled by two sleazy (pakcik) wolves. mother hen had to shoo the chicks to safety.
but ho ho, it sure was a nite to remember.

the pics don't do justice to the live moments, though.

and unfortunately, the hilarious videos we took couldn't be uploaded coz the files are too large (and hilarious). yes, some raunchy and buang tebiat (shok sendiri??) enrique iglesias and ricky martin music videos took place. hurhur.

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