Friday, July 09, 2004

the word is out....

it's a... BOY.


so there goes my mother-to-be glow and non-glow theory, out of the window. heh. can i still keep the peanut m&ms?

my eyes are *still* bloodshot and now i've developed an itchless rash (paradox?), so i've ceased all intake of pills, antibiotics, cough syrups, etc. drugs = bad. so my online nurses, pleeze don't make me take 'em drugs no more! *HACK HACK HOCK HOCK HRRRK PTOOI* mm, yellow phlegm. lovely.

updates on the homefront: spent a good part of the day unpacking my semi-unused clothes (categorised under 'knits', 'sleeveless', 'long sleeves'), refolding the husband's shirts (while he was HAPPILY watching 'fight club' on dvd, grr argh), discarding assortments of junk (ticket stubs, nail polish, IS magazines). things are looking pret-ty a-ok, especially with the curtains up now. and the FIL took us out shopping, hurrah. hello, rice cooker and steam iron. spiffy.

and aha, next weekend will be The Day. the big M-O-V-E.

erm, not like we have much to move, really. just one huge four-poster queen-size bed and a bookshelf.

eh, btw... both of which are WHITE you know! ;p


meanwhile, hana thinks hard how to keep little children away from the sofa and, erm, everything else around the house during the imagined housewarming event. leash? straightjacket, you say, darling? *rubs chin*

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