Friday, August 13, 2004

from hen to henna

yesterday was the time of the month for us. yes, pms.

payday means shopping.

and since it's his off day after working all those night shifts, i took the day off too. feels like it's been a while since we went out dating, so we made full use of that free 'i, robot' cinema passes. nothing thrills us more than a cheap date. coz after that, it was pms all the way.

a little vanity splurge took place. the bobbi brown junkie had to stock up on her drugs.

they're my ecstasy, my crystal meth, my special k. (ok, exaggerating again.) but really, i get such a high on my bobbis. and i'm so easily taken in by the counter girls (and she-boys). i am weak. so so weak.

ran some shopping errands for the bride and dropped the goods off at her place. her dais and bridal chamber look all set. and since i'm the unofficial reporter covering the event, i've been allowed to show some previews. hoho.

just as i expected, i got a flashback from my own wedding preps merely a year ago, this feeling of awe at things being prettied up for your big day... then the sleepless nights.. the hustle and bustle.. the everything's-going-wrong feeling. ouhhh.

and hey hey, jewel was in da house. jewel the henna artist, that is. not the blonde alaskan singer.

with a skilled and steady hand, she deftly curled, whirled and twirled her henna cone to decorate the bride's tiny feet and hands, the scent of eucalyptus wafting in the air.

the final product? you'll have to wait til the bride's wedding, of course.
but in the meantime, how about i show you the bridesmaid's henna?

i admit i have always been a little squeamish about bright, elaborate henna all over my hands. i clumsily clumped some ill-made henna on my fingertips in reluctance the last time coz everyone expected me to.

but seeing jewel at work, i trusted her (coz she's darned good, y'all) and let her have full reign on my palm. and she did just the right amount and design for squeamish me. (and i could still steer the car with the fresh henna on, heh.)

so all ye brides-to-be, do engage her service. she'll give you a good hand job. ;)

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