Wednesday, November 01, 2006

datin and dr seuss

mum called me up yesterday in the late afternoon.

"eh, anak kau tengok tv ada siti nurhaliza nyanyi pakai kebaya hitam, dia tunjuk-tunjuk dengan jari dia abis dia nangis! dia ingat tu kau! mummy, mummy... ha haha hahaa!"

i don't know if i should be flattered... or worried.

on one hand, my son thinks i look and sound as FABULOUS as the famous datin. woohoo!

on the other hand, he can't tell the difference between his croaky-voiced, craggy-faced mummy from a silky-voiced, smooth-skinned stranger?? uh-oh.

nevermind lah. at least he thinks of (and misses me?), amidst his jam-packed, activity-filled, ever-so-busy life at home. (eg. watching TV! hmph.)

and it's a vast improvement from the days when i used to be mistaken for - get ready for this - ziana zain! and i'm talking of the period when she (and i) looked uber kental, way in the 90's era. i used to have a friend whose little nephew would point at ziana's picture on a magazine, look at me and go "aunty nana!". so yeah, me and ziana. must have been the evil-looking eyebrows, i don't know. bizarre.

my last boyfriend (ie. the Husbern), he had a thing for sheila majid back then. short and petite, just like hmmm, who ah?? unfortunately, the sheila majid he found and married cannot sing to save her lagenda.

on another note, hey hey, it's dadam's second birthday today, and i'm the ever-excitable aunty! i'd been looking for an eggless elmo cake (coz he's allergic to egg white and he likes elmo, duh), but was unsuccessful in my search. bah. eggless cake. what's the point of cakes without eggs, i ask you?

anyway, i've lovingly wrapped his pressies last night, and hope to see him rip it open later. seeing what an intellectual boy he's turned out to be (he recognises alphabets and would open up newspapers to read them - or rather, point and say out the big alphabets in the headlines... that's reading too, ok! and he has a thing for tucking a book under his armpit when he goes out, like a security blanket), i got him a big wooden knob puzzle with alphabets, and three dr seuss books for early readers.

we were at borders late on monday night and i was so taken by the silly, snappy word play and quirky storyline and illustrations in those dr seuss books, i swear.

UP PUP. pup is up!
CUP PUP. pup in cup!

alamak, damn catchy, i tell you.

ok, that reminds me... there's another birthday coming up (more lovingly-wrapped pressies!), you knnow, aniq's brudder who's turning one. which means... aniq will also be turning one soon. which means... preparations for a party should commence. mak macam nak buat kerje kawin, you!

and don't worry, i'll make sure the cake has eggs.

BAKE CAKE. bake a cake!
EGG CAKE. egg in cake!

amacam, you think dr seuss would approve? :)

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