Saturday, November 04, 2006


i'm afraid we've become parents of a performing seal.

"aniq, where're the lights/mana lampu?" (this one bilingual seal mah.)
"where's the fan?"
(points upwards accordingly)

"shake! shake!"
(jiggles item in hand)

"joget! joget! dance!"
(bends knees and jiggies wit it)

"car/motorbike bunyi macam mana?"
(guttural grunts)

"cat? how does a cat sound?"
(high-pitched mew)

"tengok bawah! tengok bawah!"
(lies on tummy and looks under table/chair)

"baring! baring! lie down! sleep!"
(plops head on pillow or heck, even the ground will do)

"where's the ball? go get the ball."
(looks round for the nearest ball available)

"where's the clock?"
(points to wall)

"where's aunty's house?"
(points to mum's chinese neighbour's house where he LOVES to go to for some reason)

"bird, where's the bird?"
(points outside)

"comb hair?"
(rubs comb against head)

most of the above accompanied with lots of ba-ba-bas and ma-ma-mas.

and yes, i am officially "ma!" while the hasbern is decidedly "ba!" (exclamation marks included.)

i know it's natural that he will understand our language and exhibit comprehension of our instructions bit by bit, like a scaffold or building blocks, with each passing day.

but it never ceases to amaze me nonetheless, being able to communicate through the complexity of language with this little person, who once upon a time not too long ago, knew nothing of our world and of the sounds that come out of our mouths.

"duduk, duduk, sit down lah!"

i remember when dadam was less than a year old, when asked where's the "wind", he'd put his hands up to feel the wind blowing. wind! something so intangible, yet he understood the concept.



ps: a birthday wish @ the bambino blog for aniq's brudder! :)

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