Thursday, November 02, 2006

have the cake and eat it too

so dadam's mummy got him an elmo cake. with eggs. and chocolate to boot, hurhur.

i asked him if he had some. "makan, SIKIIIT (with great emphasis) ajeer! tak makan manyak-manyak!"

adoi. cuteness to the maximus si mak nenek berbual. i cannot tahan. i want to makan him manyak-manyak. you wouldn't think he'd talk like that by looking at that fair-skinned, sepet, made-in-china exterior.

he went "present!" (tau pulak benda tu present) and promptly proceeded to peel off the wrapping bit by bit, with great and utter care.

his cousin, si mat kepo kenit also tried to join in, happily trodding on the wrapper and plastic and everything else he could trample on like the potential Toddler Giant that he will be (watch out, ajab!). but not before PLONKING his entire grubby hand on a piece of stray chocolate cake left on the table. he was so intrigued by the squishiness of the cake in his hand that his daddy managed to quickly wipe it off before he could incur more damage (eg. by eating it).

his royal keponess also shared one leg (tumpang sekaki) and fiddled with the wooden knob puzzle i got for the birthday tot. it managed to capture dadam's attention for all of three, maybe four minutes, ("G is for... LION!" hehe - ok, the giraffe underneath the letter G did look dubiously lion-like) before he got distracted by the more pressing demands of playing with a balloon.

he made me huff and puff into the balloon ("aunty nana, blowkan!"), and being the adoring superaunty that i am, obliged the nephie-poo, at the same time tried to eat and ward off si kepo kenit from the said balloon and cake.

hey just WHAT IS IT about Bob the Builder that has captured the hearts of many a male two-year-old, i ask you? well, i suppose it IS more, erm, macho than that *cough*gay*cough purple dinosaur we all love to hate.

so do all little boys aspire to be construction workers when they grow up? are they more interesting than white-collar professionals? why isn't there a Derek the Doctor cartoon? or Larry the Lawyer? or Cedric the CEO? or... (ok, i could go on and on here, you get the point.)

he hasn't gotten into thomas the train yet, which i suppose is another, erm, macho symbol (achtung! phallic alert!) of some sort.

ok. i seriously gotta stop thinking too much. (NOT.)

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