Monday, August 30, 2004

the first year

a year ago on this date, he wrote this.

August 30, 2003
my finest hour....

yep... the wait is finally over... from months, to days, to hours... just 2 more hours to the pernikahan. people have been asking me if i'm getting cold feet... well, not yet... maybe later. i've been rather busy the whole morning, doing last minute chores and errands, till my auntie told me to stop becuz the bridegroom is not supposed to be seen around, tak seri, she says... so here i am at my computer desk, keying in stuff which has history in the making :)

well, the heat is on.. the clock's ticking... just a few hours from now, i'll be a husband. hope nurhana's all right back there... heh..

ok, guys.. just wish me luck and hope i get through the ceremony in one piece :)

Posted by rohaizad at August 30, 2003 02:37 PM

a year later, we still have fond memories of that day.

i have to say without a doubt that it's been the most *fulfilling* year in my entire life. it beats most other milestones to date. it's amazing, being married, really. i fully endorse it.

so... what are you waiting for??

(heh. hope i can get more singapore shares for promoting this.)

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