Thursday, August 26, 2004

open crib

i wasn't really looking forward to the impending crowd and mess following a big do at the new crib, but it went, erm, surprisingly well. you can always count on mum, aunts (and somebody's maid) for support when it comes to such events. i was flailing about, telling everyone where everything is, but they're mighty resourceful, those makciks, i tell you.

in any case, i made myself useful giving 'tours' to everyone and making sure no lil 'uns make their 'mark' on the furniture. the lil 'uns (and the adults too) behaved themselves. *clap clap* but i did follow fifah around coz she, with her permanent bib for her uncontrollable drool, was the most likely to scamper around poking at things with her drooley paws. well, she didn't drool on the furniture, but on an unsuspecting baby who was happily napping away. oh, but she promptly wiped the drool from baby fazli's forehead after kissing it. heh. drool-trained fifah.

and the award for the best housewarming gift (to date) goes to... sham & haz! *applause*

i would never have thought of a mortar & pestle, a mini one at that, perfect for my hands. (eh, wait a minute, hana? mashing up sambal belachan?? something's not quite right there.) they also picked out a lavender-scented room spray (just what i've been looking for, gasp), and to top it off, they're are all PURPLE. now, how'd they ever guess it'd go with the room? *glee*

and we now have sooo many glasses filling our kitchen cabinets. *counts* 10 mugs, 22 glasses, 18 teacups. erm. they'll come in handy when we need to scoop out water in a mini noah's ark flood, maybe?

oops, stripey again.

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