Monday, September 27, 2004

failed attempts

three of us traveled all the way to buona vista CC to look for two young entrepreneurs at a flea market to give them our "consumer support", but ack! we couldn't find them! *sniff*

the fancy map emailed to me had this cute lil pink arrow pointing to the *inside* of the CC, but i didn't see the words "lantern festival", which was, erm, probably at the blocks behind the CC...

i guess i'm not very good with maps. :S

so since we had to put our half-hour coupon to good use, we tottered over to holland v... and ended up ooh-ing at a quaint lil trinket shop (ooh danglies! beaded bags!). then went slightly ape at lim's arts & crafts. gak! all those pretty things to clutter one's house with!

a half-hour didn't manage to incur a lot of damage, though. just this bridal-ish bouquet i just couldn't resist.

yes, it's plastic. no real flowers for me please. coz you know what happened to the pot of REAL bougainvilleas we had at our balcony? frizzled to a crisp. crispier than keropok. i spent a good ten minutes snipping off the dead, dried flowers. so it's botakvilleas for now.

which brought me to think about the injustice of why the roads, expressways and overhead bridges in singapore are rampant with unkempt bougainvilleas blooming away brightly like there's no tomorrow, and i can't keep ONE pot of it alive??


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