Sunday, September 05, 2004

raising arizona

progress report on money plant: excellent

our plant has been stretching itself skywards and the soil seems perpetually moist, that it might just lull me into believing i have green thumbs, fingers and toes after all. i've never tried growing any green living thing other than beansprouts and mould, so this really is progress.

and now he's brought back not one, but TWO more to take care of.

i believe that *points to sprouty-looking leaves* is a pandan plant and that *points to skinny-looking stems* is a chilli plant.

they were uprooted right from the garden at his workplace. he even took the trouble of buying proper plastic pots to house them in.

i hope he doesn't try to be ambitious and bring back one of the rabbits from the garden that's been multiplying themselves like, erm, rabbits. coz he's been telling me about them rabbits a lot.

suuuuuure, go ahead. if you enjoy seeing furry animals jumping off our second-storey balcony for sport, why not aye...

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