Monday, November 06, 2006

big boys don't cry

if there's one thing we won't have to worry about, is him being bullied by bigger kids. coz... he thinks he's as big as them!

sure they're a little taller than him, but that doesn't bother him. he thinks they're quite fascinating creatures, and why not? older kids can run and jump and do other wondrous things, unlike babies, who don't impress him much coz all they do is flail around helplessly and cry. been there, done that, bo-ring!

his cousins on both sides of the families are mostly BOYS, and they're generally a rowdy, gregarious bunch, mini tornadoes of their own.

beng gangsta #1: "you! cannot come in!"
beng gangsta #1 & #2: "kua si mi??"

haznsham's twins seem to enjoy monkeying around with aniq even though they have two other little siblings to play with. maybe coz he doesn't mind their roughhousing one bit. the feeling was mutual. :D

mat gangsta: "hiyaaak! lu jangan nak step sama gua!"

mat gangsta: "gua SIDESTEP lu ah!"

a few times when we bring him downstairs, we'd let him loose and he'd waddle in double time over to where the big kids are congregated, even primary/secondary school-aged ones, and peer over where they're seated to see what they're doing, or stand amidst the thick of action to watch them whiz by precariously around him. and when we call out to him or threaten to leave him behind with "bye aniq!" on repeat mode, he'd refuse to budge.

his daddy said to him, "ingat eh, you tinggal tingkat dua, lengkali turun naik sendiri. nanti kita pekik dari tingkap suruh balik, ok?"

in the meantime, he's got his bigger cousins to teach him the fine art of terrorising others. like using firearms, for example, lol!

eh no no, violence is bad! mummy said so!

prithee, disarm! ceasefire!

damsels sufi and maryam answer the call of distress, but the rescuee is in actual fact enjoying himself, heh.

we really need more girls in the family, you know, to balance out the yin & yang (too much yin!). all our other cousins just gave birth/will give birth to boys, every one of them.

oh well. they can form their own WWFs, i guess.

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