Sunday, November 05, 2006

he bangs the drums

raya visits have been a great way for the little one to dispense his energy. when we visit a house, he'd make a beeline for the area with the most activity, especially the toy section, should the house be inhabited by a child or a few children.

we ourselves are in awe at the collection of toys in every household with kids that we go to. we feel like we've been short-changing the little one, coz we, well, ermm... tend to stinge on buying him toys. :S

in any case, his attention span on all things gaudy is short, but he can spend long minutes fiddling with the dullest of remote controls, or the fruit-punch ladle he found in the kitchen drawer, or even his daddy's wallet.

he DOES, however, like this particular toy he discovered at his abang ilya's house very much...

he immediately sat down on the stool and proceeded to bang away with great abandon. ouhhh, do we have the makings of a rock star??

adoi! MUSIC to my ears indeed!

his daddy's always wanted to get him a drumkit, and now that we've tested it out on him, we're waiting for his, AHEM, birthday to get it.

what's that? you sure you don't mind all that racket?

nahh. i've always had a thing for musicians, you know. ;p

ps: ummi naufal, we hope naufal will cause great mayhem with the pressie we got him... LOL!

* * * * * *

speaking of birthdays and rock stars, i got myself an early birthday present, more than a month in advance ha ha.

yah yah, mummy stinges on you, but splurges on herself. bad, bad mummy.

i'm still not over my crush on bono, unfortunately. sigh~

if anything, the book reinforces my long-standing adulation of him. aiyoh, so teenager hor?

his immense loyalty to his wife of over two decades, despite the rock & roll pitfalls of supermodels and other adoring female species falling at his feet, makes him UBER-sexay, if you ask me. being married (and in love) that long to his childhood sweetheart and raising four children together despite world tours and world-debt meetings, is a rare thing in the superstar stratosphere, doncha think?

ok, enough ogling at (rich, successful, gorgeous, musically-inclined) married men, hana. 8)

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