Wednesday, November 08, 2006

pump up the volume (make some noise!)

occasionally i plod through ST for a change, when i've had enough of BH's splash of gory pictures of people with scary diseases and deformities (usually in some remote village in malaysia) or even more gory stories of rape and incest (also usually in some remote village in malaysia). :O

[btw, what's with the Suria Raya Live-bashing lately in BH's forum pages ah? aiyah, raya over liao, maafkan saja lah! next year tak buat lagi, ok? but remember eh, cannot anyhow put happy, pretty people to prance around on stage in glittery costumes before raya, very tak ramadhan rocks.]

anyway, where was i?

oh yes, ST.

last week, someone wrote in a forum letter on the lack of nursing facilities in the workplace for new mothers.

ahh! a topic close to my heart (literally - *feels boobs*). not that i have a problem myself, being employed in a, ahem, family-friendly organisation and fairly supported by colleagues who are all aware of my 'extra-curricular activity'. they all go "eh, you got go *makes squeezing gestures* already?". and it's not just the girls, but the guys too, lol! even my very male boss enquires about my progress occasionally and gives words of encouragement. it's quite... surreal, to say the least. :D

and then today, more BF militants have joined in the call.

--> female employees should have the right to nurse their baby
--> give nursing mums time off to pump their milk

it's a start, but those of you working nursing mums out there who have been sneaking off for furtive pumps in dirty toilets or tiny store rooms under the wary eyes of colleagues or employers, i besiege beseech you - circulate these articles to them!

and of course, also those of you who are about to give birth or go back to work. hey, must provide ready infrastructure for when you come back from maternity leave mah. ;)

ok, go!


addendum (tak habis-habis addendum):

whaddayaknow! BH (9 Nov) pun ada artikel tentang SB (alah, you know, the melayu equivalent of BM)...

--> tugas bersama

ahh, yang ini boleh circulate to your suamis or, if you rather, DHs.

selamat menyusu!

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