Tuesday, December 12, 2006

when anIQ met gainIQ

so yeah, we DID crack open the tin of wholesome moo-ness the day after One. (and you thought i'd chicken out eh, anne? heh.)

twas... thick. and bubbly.

i made sure he was really thirsty by then, so he gulped the whole thing down in a jiffy.


you've been punk'd, hunny! HAHA!

erm, that tasted... funny. *burp*

so there. not such a big deal after all, huh? :p

i'm still expressing, though not as much, so he'll still have his daily fixture of TekMilk for that boost of antibodies. also, i intend to keep the factory working for a bit longer, especially for weekends coz, erm, i'm still not too keen on being a 'milk bartender' when we go out. (bad, lazy mum.)

and besides... $24 PER TIN, NO JOKE SIA!

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