Friday, December 08, 2006



so yes, today i'm officially one year short of the big three oh.

a big UH oh.

once again, esah wins the Fastest Finger Award for being first to sms at midnight. (thank you luv.)

and the Husband wins the, erm, Best Husband Award (like i have so many husbands hor) for being first to hand me my gift, also at midnight.

i MUST say i'm impressed with him this year for his:

a) promptness (no postpone-till-payday/bonus this time round!)
b) stealthiness (where in heck did you find time to sneak off to shop for it??)
c) good taste (even i'm surprised you picked it out on your own.)
d) choice of words on the card (you probably exaggerated, but i'll take it anyway hehe.)

well done, Husband! i is happy. not just for the gift lah, but more for the abovementioned factors.

so, this time my turn to ask you: malam ni nak makan apa?

(don't worry, i won't cook.) :p

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