Thursday, December 07, 2006

aeroplane flies high

the past few nights, after everyone's asleep, i've been up in arms with scissors, coloured paper, blue tack, scotch tape, and an assortment of stationery i've not laid hands on since my school days.

macam art project ok.

the deadline is near, can pass up on time or not?

i *think* i may be going slightly bonkers and spiralling down the dark pit of obsession. i... can't... help... it..!

i can't say i don't enjoy it, though. i've always loved fiddling with scissors, coloured paper, etc. i didn't take up art in jc for nothing you know. (eh wait, i DID take it up for a reason - it was the bloody easiest subject to score, ha ha.)

meanwhile, there's just something therapeutic about cutting up pieces of paper and getting cramps in your hand after the fiftieth piece. yeah yeah, they may only be for little kids who'd most likely carelessly toss away my handiwork within a mere nanosecond with barely a glance.

but my obsession for the little details is somewhat of a debilitating disease, that reared its ugly head at its peak some three years ago when i was preparing for That Wedding. now That, was pure madness. phew~

ok. i'll have to let go a bit, and loosen the grip on those scissors.

... as soon as i've finished that fifty-first (or fifty-oneth, as some would say) piece...

now, where's that LOOOONG 'To Do' list of mine...?


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