Sunday, November 19, 2006

pro creation

you know what? i think i've visited more babies in this year alone than in my entire lifetime.

baby danial!

mister gahmen, please note that we ARE procreating okay.

maybe we should withhold the procreation thing for a bit after this and hold them wombs for ransom so mister gahmen won't increase the gst next year. what say you?

no? still want 'em cute babies?

ok lah. go ahead.

just don't eat them up when the going gets tough...

beware the baby-eating monster!


"A newborn has a developed sense of smell at birth, and within the first week of life can already distinguish the differences between the mother's own breast milk and the breast milk of another female."

so clever!

either that, or the other female smells REALLY bad after a day at work. :p

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