Monday, November 13, 2006

visiting hours

this time round, we have babies in tow, from east to north to west. they GENERALLY behaved very well (no cries or tantrums, just a lot of walking/menggelitis-ing, crawling, and drooling).

one newly-married couple's luck was like the proverbial kentang that day. the bini dropped her newly-bought camera in the cab on the way to the first house, and after the last house, the laki dropped his wallet! thankfully, the wallet was found by a kind soul, who deposited it at jalan bahar police station. next year, jangan misplace anak sudah, ye!

it was SO LATE by the time everyone arrived, and cheesecakes and eclairs were devoured. by the time we left the last house, it was close to 1am and the babies (and some adults too) were zonked out. next year, our house last pulak lah, ye!

and we promise to handcuff the little tornado then too. :D

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