Thursday, November 09, 2006

curiosity killed the cat

i guess it's only natural that the first real live animals our little ones come into direct contact with are cats, seeing that we don't exactly live in a kampung, or a farm like old macdonald.

that's one of our neighbour's MANY cats. (that is also one of their many awful-looking bedsheets hanging on the pole, hehe.) they also have one heck of an ugly big old dog, which i think, has made a few of our guests who've seen it outside our door jump in their skins.

it's a routine for the three of us when we return home everyday, to hang around the void deck with the cats for a few minutes. there are five of them, big fat ones, at the last count. our block is like a meeting point for these merry band of felines.

and they get a lot of attention too! i know coz we're on the second floor and, being the formidable kaypoh (or rather, civic-minded) neighbour that i am, i'd peer out of the kitchen window once in a while, always to find someone stop and stoop to pet a cat, or someone dutifully leave food, snacks and water for them (different people each time), or someone carefully applying antiseptic on one of the cat's wound after a fight.

the little one, being curious as a cat himself, would strain his body towards the cat to touch it when we're carrying him, but for the sake of the cat's safety (no, not the baby's), we don't let him go too near. coz THIS is what will happen.


on behalf of the cat terrorist's parents, sorry, kiau and owner! and you all ah, please don't action hero and call up SPCA lah, ok? we're still in the process of teaching him the appropriate and PC way of handling cats, but we can't go "sayang, sayang" or he'd go slobber all over the cat and end up with furballs in his mouth.

but then, somehow the kitties always run away and hide from him first leh!

i guess cats aren't that curious after all.

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