Friday, November 17, 2006

fit for a queen(-sized bed)

we have this guest room in our house which is rarely used for the purpose of receiving guests, coz we ever hardly have guests stay over. well, with the exception of maybe twice in the three years we've lived here.

in this guest room, there is this queen-sized bed, complete with a new, rarely-used queen-sized dunlopillo mattress, and a queen-sized comforter.

other than being a museum space for this bed, the room also serves as a clean-laundry-dumping area and ironing room. oh, and occassionally, a storage room.

but seeing how the little one is quickly becoming not-so-little, we'd like to find another safe haven for this queen-sized bed so that we can have a bit more space for his stuff.

so, would anyone be interested in buying a queen-sized bed, along with its queen-sized dunlopillo mattress (queen-sized comforter optional) for their own guest room?

price negotiable. transportation your own, if possible. email while stocks last! (eh wait, only got 1 lah...)

i'm itching to do up a proper play room for the little one, you know, with a reading corner, a toy corner, a creative corner, a naughty corner... hehee.

so yah. exclusively for izadnhana's readers ha ha.

LELONG! LELONG! lai, lai!

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