Wednesday, November 15, 2006

when aniq met...

we're rehabilitating him to be kind to animals AND babies, see.

"sayang... sayang..."

let me tell you the name of this baby.


it's A...neeqa! HAHA!

and ouhhhh, what a beauty lil aneeqa is. whee, another potential menantu for me!

i almost squeezed her like an orange pulp when her mummy didn't see. i think i'm the one who needs rehabilitation.

aniq, atikah, aneeqa.


i miss the time when he was all thunder thighs and chubby cheeks. now that he's much, much more mobile and doing major workouts during his every waking minute, he's shed even more of those baby fats we all love and cherish.

his food intake is good, or at least, he finishes up whatever's in his bowl. he's still on BM, though i believe, not as much as his peers who's downing what, 200+ml by now? he only has patience for 160ml (in the bottle - probably less from direct source!) at most per feed, before he's distracted by something or someone, and wriggles himself free from the boring work of drinking milk.

oh.. and some of you will be glad to know that we finally bought our first tin of FM the other day. a small tin of similac follow-on. which is now sitting prettily unopened, next to that big fat of also unopened tin of nan for below 6mths. (btw, anyone wants to buy this off us? give you discount!)

we're not sure why we're heading towards, as some would say (in jest) - "the dark side".

he's less than a month away from a year old, which means, i've almost miraculously reached my 1-year TBF target. :O

i'm almost ready to hang up those pumps, but not quite. daytime feedings should be easy to wean off coz he's used to the bottle when i'm at work. and judging from the way he laps up EVERYTHING we give him, he probably won't mind the taste either.

the night-time before-bed comfort suckling i don't mind too much. it's been easier lately since he's learnt to unlatch and roll around the cot by himself to sleep.

you know, i think he's become more independent, not just physically, but also emotionally since he started walking. he insists on being let down to walk instead of being carried. he even insists on letting go of our hands when we try to hold it.

and i suppose, this BF weaning process is also a kind of independence, on both his and my part.

so... when will the grand official opening of tin similac be?

*bites nails*

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