Sunday, December 03, 2006

vikings land on eastern shore

we may not have been the first couple to stand in queue six hours before the official opening and win $1k worth of vouchers. (we're not that terminally insane or desperately in need of free furniture.)

but we came, we saw, we elbowed the next person for the free giveaways, we conquered.

well, ok, not quite. we haven't done much damage yet. project playroom is still in the works, and full-fledged spending will be done, erm, soon.

it IS barely a ten-minute drive away, so we'll definitely be back. we hope to see shorter queues and more trolley-pushing space then.

oh, and that muis chop too.

it's a brilliant concept, this circular play area within the restaurant. keeps the children happily-occupied while you dine around them, literally. they're right under your noses at the same time, so no kidnapping can take place (unless, of course, you're concentrating too much on those swedish meatballs).

the little one hardly cared where i was or what i was doing. (which was, btw, smelling the neighbour's fried chicken wings. ouuhhh yum.)

after a few hours jostling the crowd, exploring the maze and taking a few wrong turns (and bleeding my foot with a sharp trolley wheel in the process), we finally left with, as is usually the case when we visit ikea, a few unnecessary items. (you just GOTTA, no matter what.)

yeah. we'll be back.

"wake me up when we get home... in, ohh, ten minutes or so?"

so, have you ikea-ed? :p

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