Wednesday, November 22, 2006

loosen up my buttons

my bimbotic moment for today.

(thankfully, i still have them.)

male colleague (X) had asked me (Y) a few days ago what it was i used on my lips. lip gloss, i told him, pouting for effect.

so today over lunch, his fascination with the female aesthetic continues.

X: lip gloss has this effect...
Y: on men??
X: ... no. on lips.
Y: oh. darn.

and i finally understand PCD's "Buttons" after careful listening to it this morning in the coltmobil. dia suruh laki tu bukak baju dia rupanye, tapi laki tu selenge takmo bukak. eh? entahlah. agaknye baju dia banyak sangat butang, dia pon tak kuasa. (that was my bimbotic minah mode, btw.)

speaking of stripping, ingat eh adik-adik yang telah baca BH minggu lalu - hen party adalah haram! nak main lagu "Buttons" ajer boleh. tapi jangan panggil strippers tau. ustaz dah kasi warning. HEP!

(i wonder whose happening hen party pics they used in that spread though, ouhh...)


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