Tuesday, November 21, 2006

the (tazmanian) devil wears prata

his shoo shoos are only a month old, but it's become more Prata then Prada.

the soles are now flat and furry and stained from puddles and mud and other unidentifiable gunk, including his own saliva (from chewing on his shoo-shooed feet while bored in stroller).

"for selling your sole to the devil, we bid you adieu..."

so the Daddy decided to put his foot down and get him a proper pair of shoes. you know, the kind with rubber soles. like, FINALLY.

"huh, am i on project run(a)way?"

he said he didn't mind spending a bit on the shoes coz the little one obviously puts it to good use. as the malays would say, "muai, you!"

as soon as they were fastened on to his feet, he was off, as quick as lightning, out of the shop faster than you can say "stop in the name of clarks!"

"ready, set, GOOOOO!!"

we had two youthful babysitters with us, but barely half and hour running after the little one around carrefour, they raised the white flag and declared themselves 5kg lighter each.


the new shoes gave him better grip and balance, so he hardly trips, which means, OMG... he can run EVEN faster. :O

but it was well worth the Daddy's moolah. plus it's such a pwetty colour. well, as pwetty as boys' footwear goes lah.

to the unty out there who was thinking of getting him a pair of clarks before we foiled her plan, he'll grow out of his size 4.5 soon, so... you know what to do... ;p

"ha ha, i ketuk daddy! ketawakan dia!"

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