Monday, November 20, 2006

chasing cars

we've been ever so reliant on our, as Red puts it, "breastfeeding station on wheels" aka the coltmobil, that lugging the little one on public transport is something of a novelty for him.

i think the last i took the bus or train with him alone was during my much-missed maternity leave. it was easy then coz he didn't weigh as much (or wriggle as much) as he does now, and all i had to do was feed him well before the trip and he wouldn't so much as squeak all throughout. (remember, esah, our orchard trip? hee.) with SO MUCH to see and hear, all that hustle and bustle of the crowds and vehicles, he won't even remember if he's hungry or sleepy.

now that he's too heavy and wriggly for me, i'd rather stick to my coltmobil, thankyewberymuch.

which leaves the Daddy to take him on them buses and trains to, erm, expose him to the true-blue heartlander singaporean experience of riding on public transport. :D

to date, his record holds from tampines to novena, and tampines to toa payoh, both times to meet me after work, with nary a glitch.

the daddy reported that the little one enjoyed himself very muchly, even so far as to terrorise other passengers in the train by calling out to them, swiping at their newspapers, and flirting with the ladies. (at least i THINK it's the little one and not the Daddy, ha ha.)

but i guess buses and trains aren't as exciting to him as cars. mention the word "car" and you'll instantly hear a deep growl revving out of him.

somewhere in toa payoh...

"where is my P plate?"

"that a way, please!"

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