Thursday, November 23, 2006


i've heard of all kinds of machines in my short life of 11 months.

iPod. iRobot. iRiver. iDunnowhat. (i hear there are also things like iMac, iShuffle, iSwallow.)

so self-centred hor, these people with "i" things?

hmm, maybe "i" stands for "intelligent". maybe people like being surrounded by "intelligent" things. but can people be more "intelligent" and start coming up with names that don't start with "i"? like, i don't know, uZap?

or better still, use "we" lah. sounds more friendly right? "we" denotes sharing. like weBrolly (ie. technologically-enhanced umbrella). or wePet (ie. mechanical domestic animal).

meanwhile, the Daddy has gotten himself another one of those "i" junk to add to his clutter of playthings.

he said it's an iLuv.


as you can see, i was rudely awoken in the morning by this so-called intelligent gadget. but hah! weBabies are infinitely superior in our intelligence than a little box that makes a whole lotta noise. after a few suspenseful and thrilling moments later, i figured it out in no time. (see my hitchcock-like silhouette in the background? cool huh.)

iSimply hit SNOOZE.

it wasn't so fun, so i didn't bother with it much.

Daddy's toe bulu made for SO much more entertainment.

and for that, i shall call him iHobbit.


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